Saturday, July 22, 2017

Engage Africa

Have you heard of our mission organization's Engage program?  It is a well thought out program about your church and the Great Commission.  Each month you can receive a professional quality video featuring an aspect of Hope International Missions' work around the world.  You will also receive bulletin inserts, a leaders guide and other material to help you make a meaningful missionary service.

Right now the featured region is Africa.  I am really impressed with the footage Lucas Wilson and Joshua Powell got in the short time they were here last year--traditional dancing, some unusual clips of African traditional religion, testimonies from dedicated Christians, drone footage of the Qeme Plateau, and much more!. I would encourage you to watch the first video then go here to find out more about the program.  If you like what you see, please make a donation on that page to help out with the production of these videos.  Even small gifts make a big difference!

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