Friday, June 23, 2017

Bible Distribution Trip to Namibia #3

Well, I had hoped to update our blog a little more often, but between being very busy and no much internet access, it just hasn't happened until today, our last day selling Bibles.
The team:  Pieter & Hester Marais (team leaders), the TLC team,
Erik Grant (inter from HSBC), the Motovilov family, and the Gault family 
Our camp in Ongediva, Namibia
The Bible sales have honestly been a little disappointing.  Quite a few have sold, but nothing like past years in Zambia.  In Namibia we are working in partnership with the Bible Society of Namibia, so they set the prices and we just help to sell the Bibles.  Their business model is a bit different than Hope International Missions.  They emphasize sustainability of their organization, where as our emphasis has always been to get Bibles to people as affordably as possible.  The price they have set is a bit high for the average person to just buy easily, so the volume hasn't been that high.

On the bright side, Hope International Missions, through a very generous donor in South Africa, made it possible to print Oshindonga and Oshikwanyama Bibles after they were out of print for some time.  Even though the price will require people to save up their money to buy, at least the Bibles are available.  The Christians in this area are rejoicing about that!  We are also very thankful for people from Hobe Sound Bible Church for their generous gift that made it possible to purchase 30 Bibles to give to a solid, Bible-believing church in Oshakati to be used in their outreach ministry.  It was a joy to deliver these Bibles to one of the elders of this church this morning.

The Motovilov's "Bible Shop"
Passing out tracts at the hospital

Selling Bibles in the Open Market at Oshakati

Going out to sell Bibles on the street

HIM's youngest Bible salesman
Photo credit for most of these pictures:  TLC Namibia

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