Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Christmas Greetings

Dear family and friends,

During this very special season, we look back across the months of 2016 and remember how blessed we are to have Jesus as our Savior and Friend. We are grateful for every answer to prayer, His bountiful supply of our daily needs, and the eternal hope that He has given us! We are also very thankful for family and friends!

At the Indian Ocean
This has been an extra special year since we have had a steady flow of visitors to our home. In April my (Glenn’s) parents and two of their friends visited. We especially enjoyed a trip to the Indian Ocean with them. In June a dream came true! My brother Wesley and his family spent three weeks with us! We have also hosted interns, leaders from Hope International Missions, and a few other visitors who came for a day or two. In November we hosted Benjamin McDowell (HIM’s PR Director) and an Engage Media Team for two weeks. They came especially to take pictures and video of what God is doing through Hope International Missions in Southern Africa. We are eagerly anticipating the results of this gifted team which will begin airing in March 2017. It has been a busy, productive, and happy year!

The Gault Cousins
On the ministry front, I was asked to become the HIM Africa director beginning in April. This has and is bringing changes to our lives. My focus is to gradually shift from daily ministry in Lesotho to leading HIM’s expansion into other African countries. As with most changes, there is a sense of anticipation of new horizons, new challenges, and new victories to be won mingled with a tinge of sadness as we let go of roles that have become comfortable and fulfilling. We are looking forward to the exciting new opportunities!
A pastors' retreat with President Grant as speaker

Stephanie’s children’s ministry has grown this year. She has especially been focusing on a handful of adolescent girls trying to help them to become true disciples of Christ. Please pray that she can really win them to Christ and help them become strong believers at this crucial juncture in their lives. Homeschooling the girls also keeps her very busy.
(Thanks Josh & Lucas for the great family pix!)

Our two-year-old man, Caleb, is growing in a variety of ways. We certainly realize how different little boys are from little girls! He still has his tender moments when he wants to snuggle, but he also thrives on rough play and loves anything with an engine!

Kristell is seven and in the second grade. This year God blessed her with the opportunity to take violin lessons. She has made a LOT of progress, and we hope she will always enjoy making music.

Kaitlyn, who turned eleven last month, has really matured. She is a big help around the house. Besides sixth grade, piano lessons and music theory keep her busy.

As missionaries in Lesotho, Christmas always involves a conference! Normally the conference is not far away, and we can “break away” at least one day for some family time. This year is quite different, though! Our church leaders decided that this year the conference should focus on some of our congregations that are too far away to travel to Maseru. So in a couple of hours our family is heading to a mountain village for the weekend. The temperature is in the 90’s and very dry, so any thoughts of a white Christmas will either be in our dreams or another dust storm! I’m also sure that turkey and dressing aren’t on the menu, either! Family time will be nil this weekend, so the children are eagerly looking forward to celebrating our family Christmas on Monday.

We would certainly appreciate your prayers as we celebrate Jesus’ birth in a rural village! I am to preach tonight, and am looking forward to bringing a message of Immanuel, God With Us!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer and financial support. We deeply appreciate your commitment and love!

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