Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back Home in Lesotho

This is just a real short post to let you know we are back home in Lesotho again.  We are living between our house (where there is a working stove and fridge) and the mission guest house here at Matukeng. All our personal belongs were removed from our house during/after the fire and then stashed a variety of places. A lot of them were brought to the guest house. The result is chaos, and neither the guest house nor our house are fully suitable for our family! Now that we are here, Steph is working on bringing things back into order. By tonight we will have two coats of good quality primer that seems to seal in the smoke stain on the front part of our house. We are working on getting that part (the two front bedrooms, the kitchen/livingroom, and the bathroom) back in livable condition as quickly as possible. Our goal is to move back in and continue with the back part (the study where the fire was, another bedroom and a little "prophet's chamber") once we are bit more settled. Pastor Kali (HIM's national leader in Lesotho and our next door neighbor) has been helping me almost everyday. He has also employed a few other people for a day here and there. It has been a tremendous blessing to have reliable Christian friends helping us!

One bit of good news is that we have been able to recover some of our music cds. The cases are badly burned or melted, but we have been able to pry open some of cases and found that the cds inside are still usable.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for each one who has contributed towards renovating our house.  Because of your generosity, we were able to have the house wired for electricity while it is already torn up.  There is an electric pole at the clinic about 200 yards/meters from our house, so we are hoping that we will have electricity in a few more months!

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Albertson said...

Continuing in prayer support for your family! Love in Christ, Beth