Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Your Tax Dollars At Work--Part 3

Here are a few pictures of the renovation of Matukeng Health Centre.  The work is moving along fairly well.  The contractor claims he will finish before they close for their long Christmas holiday on the 13th of December.  I seriously doubt they will reach this goal, but I do hope they will finish in January before we leave for deputation!

These two buildings are the clinic (left) and maternity (right).  These two buildings are the furthest from being finished.

Here is a picture of one of the staff houses.  Altogether there are five staff houses.  I think three of them are two-bedroom houses.  There is one small one-bedroom house and a large, three-bedroom house for the nurse clinician who manages the clinic.

The promise of good things to come!  The clinic is supposed to get electricity.  The other day I saw that the Lesotho Electric Company has delivered some electric poles along the road to our village!   For now, it may only be the clinic that gets electric, but I am sure our house and the rest of the village will get it soon once the poles and wires are in!

Here's visual proof that your tax dollars have been at work!

The building in the foreground is the church and clinic hall.  The maternity is the white building in the background on the left, and you can see a little bit of the clinic in the background on the right.

Drilling the well.
The water tanks.  It looks like we will have good water pressure!

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Glad to pay tax dollars for you!!!