Friday, February 24, 2012

Points to Ponder

What percentage of your church's budget is used to evangelize the lost in your community?

When is the last time you personally shared the Gospel with someone?

 Is Jesus pleased with the your answers to these questions?


Kara Plank said...

I love these questions! I personally don't think a huge percentage has to go to outreach. When a church is on fire for Christ and people are excited about the radical change in their home/family lives, they are going to naturally tell as many people as they come in contact with and that will lead to new families each week. Word of mouth and personal testimony is still the best way to "advertise" what God is doing.
I have a goal/resolution if you will to share the gospel this year. I won't mention the number I've resolved to but we really don't have any reason to not share when Jesus is what it's all about!
(all my opinions of course!) :)

Gaults in Lesotho said...

Thank for your comment, Kara. I agree with you that a lot of money is not necessary for spreading the Gospel. Budgets, however, have a way of showing up what our priorities are. Sadly, evangelization has become a low priority with many churches judging from declining numbers and closing churches. The vast majority of American evangelical Christians will never lead anyone to salvation in their lifetime. May the Lord bless you as you stick to your commitment to witness!