Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our New Floor!

We have needed to put a new floor in for a long time.  The cement under the original tile was rotten, and the tiles would break and come off.  We checked several options, but finally decided the best way to fix it was to remove the old tiles, spread a bonding liquid on the rotten cement, and put in ceramic tile.  Here Glenn and Kaitlyn are chipping off the old tile--Kaitlyn was a hard worker!

Preparing the old cement for the new tile. Our neighbors helped us--they were a huge help because it was a very big job.

Daddy laying the tile.

Here you can see the new floor.  Glenn is cleaning the grout off.  I think it only took 4 days from beginning to end.  We really thank Daddy and Mama for all their hard work to make this happen!

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