Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rachel's House--More Progres

Rachel, Mama, and Kristell cleaned the plaster and mortar off the window frames.

The first coat of mud is done on the drywall. Also Daddy built the shelves for a pantry and closet. That was a lot of slow, tedious work, but we all think it turned out really nice.

Here's a closer view of the pantry. The sink will be just to the right of the pantry under the window. Daddy wants to paint pantry shelves before he puts the last piece of sheetrock on.

Today Daddy started putting glass in the windows.

Bro. Mahlomola put wood preservative on all the planks outside.

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tebello said...

Wow that was wonderful,i am just interested and i want to know what Rachels house is about.
Is it an orphanage or what kind of project is it?I am volunteering at one project in Matukeng Leribe and maybe i will also join Rachels house.is it in leribe or maseru?
my email add is tgm2002ls@yahoo.com