Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been a LONG time since we've put anything on our blog. That should be some indication that it's been a busy few weeks. Here's a little idea of what we've been up to.
The big event this month was Kaitlyn's fourth birthday. She chose to go to the zoo in Bloemfontein. Her favorite animals were not the monkeys and lions but the snakes and eagles! We invited Aunt Muriel Louw (the lady we stayed with when Steph and Kristell were in the hospital) to go along with us. Uncle Attie was away teaching agriculture. We had a lot of fun!
Kristell is growing and getting more fun every day. She weighs more than 11lbs now. She doesn't like to lay on her tummy which is good motivation for her to turn over. She's succeeded several times now. Steph is almost sure she was trying to laugh last night. This morning she tried again, but she just can't seem to get the sound out. It's cute to watch!

Of course Steph's main thing in life is being Mommy to two girls. Kristell is a bit more fussy than Kaitlyn was, so Steph is always busy. Somehow she managed to do this butterfly birthday cake for Kaitlyn between everything else. It turned out very nice.

The big project in my life lately has been working on the tabernacle at Ha Matala. There was a group of six volunteers that helped on the project, so I mostly had to coordinate things and make sure materials were there. We had several really hard days of work together, and the project is on hold for the moment waiting for more money. We hope to finish up at least one side before Christmas. Being field director also comes with its challenges and responsibilities. Life is never dull for sure!

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Aimee said...

The girls are SO cute! Great job on the cake Steph....=D Very impressive