Monday, November 17, 2008

The Apartment

We are really enjoying having Daddy and Mama Gault with us! Daddy and I have been working in the little efficiency apartment at the back of our house. Daddy is making some custom furniture that will make the best use of the small rooms. Together we have been putting down tile.Is that a table saw?

Kaitlyn has been enjoying all the activity. She calls the tile cement peanut butter!

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Susette said...

Hello Stephanie, I came across your blog and thought I would leave a note. I am Stephanie Hoffpauir's mom. This week, I think on Wed. morning early, Steph and Jon are flying up to PA to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving where you are and then a wonderful Christmas in just a few short weeks.

Susette Hoffpauir