Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lesotho Update

Dear Praying Friends,
Once again we want to tell you how grateful we are for your prayer support!  The spiritual oppression seems very strong right now, but we are encouraged knowing how great our God is and how many people are supporting us in prayer.

  • First, an urgent prayer request:  We are interceding for a young lady who is demon possessed.  Since Friday last week she has been suffering terrible pains in her chest.  When we pray for her she goes into demonic seizures.  The Lord is easily able to deliver her if she will only trust Him.  Please join us in fighting this intense spiritual battle through prayer! Pray for her deliverance, and the protection and salvation of her whole family.
  • This weekend I'm planning to go to the mountains to the congregation at Mapoteng.  The chief has given us a site for a church there, and we are going to move the temporary modular church to this lot.  Pray for this work.
  • The tent meeting at Ha Seeiso was stopped temporarily because of the rain and wind, but this week is dry and hot again, so the meeting is going on.  Pray for Bro. Chele, the young man who is preaching at the tent every night.  I plan to visit him tomorrow evening, and probably preach there.
  • Pray for the team of missionaries here and those on deputation in America.
Thank you!
Glenn, Stephanie, & Kaitlyn Gault
Hope International Missions

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