Friday, August 31, 2007

The "Group E-mail"

Actually we're in South Africa at Uncle Johan's farm. We came last night in time for supper with them, were at the 6:00am missionary prayer meeting this morning, then I (Glenn) went to Ladybrand for a few errands. Tonight is our Missionary Team Meeting, so we'll be together with the other missionaries. These meetings are always a blessing.

Sorry for sending the wrong address for the Zimbabwe and Back report. This should work: You can also reach it from the blog then click on the newsletter archive. The link appears in the right side bar once the archive opens. Please let me know again if you can't get it.

I can't think of a whole lot to write today. I guess it's been a boring week or something. Probably the most memorable thing was praying with a demon-possessed lady Wednesday night. We prayed for more than two hours, but it seemed much longer. It was very intense and exhausting. The demons made her so strong that four people couldn't hold her down. It was only through prayer that she could be restrained. Nt. Kali, who is much more used to dealing with these problems was gone until late. When he came his faith in encouraged the rest of us, and God delivered her fairly soon. It was an intense spiritual war, and I was so thankful and encouraged by the thought that so many people pray for us every day. Please know that God is at work when you pray even though you may never know what is going on.

We've been trying to get ready for when Steph starts helping at the academy on Monday next week. We did supporter thank yous, tried to write some extra e-mails, letters, etc. Steph's been busy around the housing cleaning, organizing, etc., and I had a little time to work on some projects I've been wanting to do to.
One of the things I did was build a furnace that burns used motor oil. I want to put it in the class room that we're renovating at Ha Matala for the Bible School. It's a shame that the winter is nearing its end. It sure would have helped on those frigid evenings in June and July. We'll still have some cold weather for another month, too, so hopefully we can enjoy it. I still have to finish up the fuel supply part of it, but I was able to try it with dripping oil in through a funnel. Now I've got to work on collecting used oil, but several people are saving for me already. If it really works well, I'll make another one to heat water for conferences.

Hope you all have a good week. Maybe we'll write more when we're in town Monday or Tuesday next week.

Love to all,

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