Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Group E-mail

Dear Everyone,
Here's another short update on our lives. After weeks of weather in the 90's pretty much everyday, we had a break. Saturday all day it looked like it could rain, but never did. Then Saturday night a SW wind started blowing and brought us cool weather from Antarctica. I think it go down to 50F or a little lower than night. Sunday was clear and sunny, but the wind had just a little nip to it all day. It was cold again last night and today is pleasantly cool. I guess it's our first sign that fall is on the way, but I'm sure we'll have several more weeks of hot weather. Usually by the end of Feb. it starts to cool down a little, though.

Yesterday I went to Ha Matala. Steph and Kaitlyn were planning to go, but Kaitlyn doesn't do too well in a 3+ hour service. I also had to go to another church to present gifts to orphans in the afternoon, so we decided it would be best if they stayed at Matukeng. We had a good service with excellent attendance. I thought maybe it would be sparse since it was the last day of campaigning before elections next weekend. There were several political rallies in the area, but they didn't seem to steal to much of the congregation. God helped me to combine thoughts from the books of Exodus and Hebrews about the tabernacle, particularly the Holy of Holies. It seemed like people understood.

Kaitlyn is every changing. She LOVES to talk. It's really cute now, but I'm sure by the time she's two we'll be happy for a break. She's trying to make 3 word sentences now, but usually has to be prompted a little. A few days ago Steph had had to scold her for something. A little while later Kaitlyn was going around wagging her finger and saying "No, no! Naughty! No, no!" Unfortunately I forgot to download the most recent pix from the camera, but I'll put one on the blog that's about a month old.

A new political party was formed back in November which has led to these early elections in February. The new party's symbol is people making a flashing symbol with their fingers and hands. The taxi operators particularly support this party, so as they drive, the drivers and "cashier" make this symbol to passing cars. A few days ago an unlucky taxi driver made the symbol to the prime minister (who is of another party). He had his body guards stop the taxi, and he personally came and beat the driver. Politics in Africa are NEVER boring!

Love to all!
The Gaults.

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