Monday, April 10, 2017

House Dedication

This past Saturday we were invited to join Pastor Lehlomela for a special celebration as he dedicated his newly-built house to the Lord.  The celebration began with a short church service and ended with a meal for family, friends, and neighbors.  I was impressed by his vision and hard work--it's unusual for an unmarried young man in Lesotho to have this kind of foresight!
The service was held in the tent.  Pastor Kali preached a Gospel message.
Quite a number of people raised their hands in response
to the invitation indicating they had an interesting in seeking the Lord.
Brother Lehlomela Liname.  He pastors the new congregation at Ha Matjotjo. 
I think at least 100 people came.
Cutting the ribbon

We enjoyed samp (something like hominy), chicken, beet salad, and
another vegetable.  Delicious!

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